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Welcome to Distinctly Catholic, a blog by Michael Sean Winters that examines politics, religion and the estuary where the two meet, all from a distinctively Catholic point of view. The blog is small "c" catholic as well as big "C" Catholic, examining a wide range of issues but always from the perspective of Catholic history and theology.

Gehring on Francis


At the Post's "On Faith" blog, John Gehring gives his take on Pope Francis. I quibble with his apparent distinction between "Church doctrine" and "the example of Jesus in the Gospels" as if the one did not flow from the other, but all in all, I think Gehring captures the sense of freshness about this pontificate and responds accordingly, with a hopeful, open-hearted stance. "Look, I am doing something new," we read in Isaiah. "Do you not perceive it?" Sadly, some don't.

Meyerson Exposes Wall Street Short-sightedness


This op-ed by Harold Meyerson makes a point I have made before: The financialization of the economy in the past thirty some years shows the limits of capitalism to produce what it promises. But, Meyerson makes the point better than I have, and with the aid of a new report that details just how significantly the need to prop up stock prices distorts economic decision-making.


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