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Developer of drip irrigation technique wins World Food Prize

Dr. Daniel Hillel, 82, has brought water irrigation to the Israeli desert and to his Arab neighbors as well as he traveled throughout the Middle East.


10 years after the Iraq War authorization, what have we accomplished?

Viewpoint: There may have been widespread support at the time, but a decade later, consequences are all that remain.



Philippines president counts election successes

President Benigno Aquino's coalition scores significant ballot box winners; voter watchdogs have questions about procedures.


Central American farmers seek buffers against climate change

In Central America, the livelihoods of farmers of maize and beans, the region's staples, are at risk. A new study hopes to help counteract that.


Austrian bishops call for church unity to bust stalemate

In a pastoral letter, the bishops say renewal of faith in communion with the pope is the only way out of the stalemate between bishops and the Austrian Priests' Initiative.


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