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Naming Opportunities


NCR welcomes the opportunity to work with you on possible initiatives in which special recognition is given to an individual or family interested in providing significant support to sustain certain projects, specific coverage or designated editorial positions, either on an annual basis or as an endowment gift. Possible opportunities currently available include:

NCR Positions

  • Editorial
    • Investigative Reporter
    • Correspondent for Church & State Affairs
    • Editor for New Media
    • Young Catholic Journalists
    • Columnist/bloggers
    • Illustrator/graphic designer
  • Other departmental staff positions

Special Coverage

  • Catholic Education – K-12 & Higher Education
  • International/Global Coverage of Health & Development
  • Vatican Affairs
  • Wonderfully Catholic – Catechetical Tools for Sharing Faith
  • Diversity & Pluralism – immigration, social justice, racism and sexism
  • Contemporary Theology
  • Public Policy & the Common Good – politics, religious liberty, applied ethics and transparency/accountability
  • Sustainable Ecology – environmental issues and green living
  • Spirituality
  • Coverage & Support of Liturgy
  • Books

Special One-time Initiatives


NCR Mission/Sustainability Fund


Please contact our Development Office at 1-800-444-8910, ext. 2265 for further information on naming opportunities currently available at NCR.